Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday painters – Lavender Earl Grey tea

Try a variety of arrangements and alternative viewpoints.
Last time, I found my still life on the kitchen window sill. This time, circumstances led me to it. My coffee maker was all warmed up, I went to the fridge to get milk for a latte' and......horrors! milk! What to do? Well, when life gives you slice them and put them in your iced tea!

It's been hot for us here in the Pacific NW. We've been having temperatures averaging 84°F. Add to that the fact that the lavender harvest has just peaked and the plants along my driveway still have blooms. A caffeine kick start may still be had if one makes tea, iced tea for this weather! Lavender Earl Grey seems just the right blend.

Remember when setting up your own still life, that appropriate objects are just the beginning. You must keep in mind that the viewpoint, compositional placement, color scheme, and lighting need to be considered. Which of the three choices above seems to work the best, in your opinion?

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