Monday, February 12, 2018

Beginning Watercolor Workshop

Not sure if watercolor is for you? If you have always wanted to try watercolor but been afraid to, or have tried it and become discouraged, take heart. This workshop will dispel your fears and help you begin to experience painting as an enjoyable and adventurous part of your life.

No need to go out and buy loads of expensive equipment. Pay a nominal lab fee and try everything out for the weekend. (If you used to paint and want a great way to get back into it, you come too!)        

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The fully loaded 2018 Compact Ambulator

My husband brought this home from the second hand store
Looks like this is the answer to making a commitment to fitness for senior citizens and orthopedic surgery rehab patients. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!

Although I wonder how it will fair in light of the new automatic safety features for next year’s model, such as automatic lane departure warning and the emergency sitz pillow airbag.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Short List of Sketching Pens

Last night I decided to see which of my sketching pens were water proof and which were water soluble. Then I wanted to determine which were the right ones for a minimal sketch kit, something that would work for a student just starting out in urban sketching.
Super Bowl Sunday art project 
All the pens listed here wrote well and there was no bleed through or ghosting on the back of the page. My test paper was a pad of 90 lb  Canson XL multimedia.
Waterproof pens  allow you to draw first with the ink and then paint over it with water color without  smearing the ink lines. Water soluble ink pens allow you to draw then selectively wet some of the lines with the water brush, pulling the ink away from the line to create shadows and contours. 
For beginning  sketchers or artists on a budget choose the blue starred pens. Red starred pens can be added when you’re ready. The Uniball Signo white gel pen is water soluble if you want to remove some with a damp brush. It is quite opaque when used over dry dark washes.