Sunday, August 31, 2014

Standard Sizes

How many times have you been inspired to paint, excitedly grabbed your stuff and had a whirlwind of a painting experience without regard for anything!? You emerge from the altered state you've been in and realize that THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU'VE EVER DONE! Then you realize that THIS WILL DEFINITELY NOT FIT INTO A STANDARD SIZED MAT AND FRAME!

No? Well, maybe you've gotten through an entire painting session and suddenly realize that it's ALL crummy except for a long strip in the middle (or a 3x5 inch corner) or some other area. But definitely not the whole thing.

Both of these dilemmas may have the same solution: standard sized mats and frames. For problem #1 you have two solutions:
  1. Open up your checkbook and pay for a custom mat and frame. After all, it's your best work ever! It deserves its own reward.
  2. Reach for paper that is already standard size anyway. Have a stack of 8x10, 16x20, 11x14, etc. paper ready to go before you ever start painting. Make sure it's a bit larger, to allow for spacing under the mat.
For problem #2 (mostly crummy painting), you just take a few ready made mats for a trip around your finished painting until you find a section you like that fits into the opening. Cut it out, with a bit of extra margin, and voila! Problem solved!

How about using your own paintings for source material?

Bonus: I like these new super elongated mats for panoramic images, but it's not so easy to paint a composition from the beginning that fits. Maybe we should see how that pile of unresolved paintings would work if we only rescued the panoramic parts that we like.

Alternate Bonus: Okay, so the section you like is just a teensy bit too narrow or short for the mat you wanted to use and cutting it down to the next standard size will sacrifice too much of the good stuff. How about using your own painting as source material for a new composition in the new size and format? What you learned from the first attempt will now benefit what you intend for this one. Besides, now you DO have a standard sized piece of paper on hand before you even get started.

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