Monday, October 16, 2017

Catching up with Posting Inktober, Days 10-14

Inktober Day 10-Gigantic (See my Instagram for caption)
Inktober Day 11-Run, that's what you do if you see this! My parents had a pair of geese that terrified our 4 year old son.
Day 12 - Shattered  (Condition of the cell phone and the owner who just realized the damage)
Day 13 - Teeming (The coral reef is teeming with life. May it ever be so.)
Day 14 - Fierce (Fang toothed Moray eels are truly fierce...the way they look, their fangs and the fact that they anchor themselves in the reef, latch on to their victim and don't let go!)

For high resolution photos of these and other work not shown here, please visit my Flickr photostream.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Walking with Andy

If you look carefully, you'll see a tiny figure walking at the top of the hill. In anticipation of the upcoming Retrospective Wyeth Exhibit at SAM, opening on October 19, my watercolor students are practicing some important aspects of watercolor. Wyeth is a prime example of the hard work involved in creating fine art.
Playing with drybrush, my preliminary value plan with water soluble graphite and initial inspiration.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Inktober 2017, Day 9-- Daily prompt "Screech"
"Screech!!!" Went the soles of my shoes as I stepped out onto the front porch and saw this awe inspiring lantern of a fall tree, lit up by the autumn sun.

 "Screech!!!" Went the brakes on the truck as it went around the sharp corner.

"Screech!!!" Went my paintbrush as I came to the decision that I had already said all I wanted about the beauty of the autumn color and light. I feel that if I add anything else at all, it would take away from the concept that I have so far.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Inktober Day 7--Shy

A rare semi self portrait
There could be a few reasons why I seldom, if ever, do selfies or draw/paint self portraits:
  1. I'm suddenly shy when too much attention is focused on me.
  2. There are so many more interesting things to document.
  3. It's just too exhausting to go to the trouble of hair, makeup and lighting.
  4. All of the above.
No filter, makeup, hair styling etc.
So I thought I would do one in my reading spot in the bedroom while lazing around this morning.
Reminds me of those "Killroy was here" drawings my Dad used to do when I was little. :)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Underwater x3

Above is my classroom demonstration of a wave crashing against a rock, depicting the concept of how much strength there is in ocean waves. Over time this action helps turn these rocks into the sand on the shoreline.
My demonstration for the beginners in the class.

Day 4 of  Inktober--the prompt is "Underwater"
I hated to leave my Cosmos #10 round kolinsky sable watercolor brush underwater in the jar for even the few minutes it took to draw this ink wash response to the day's prompt for Inktober.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Inktober Day 1

The official prompt for Day 1 of Inktober is swift.
"Spider-Man" on the sky bridge at the new Funko world headquarters in Everett, Wa.
What could be swifter than Spider-Man as he shoots out his web and swings from building to building?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tomorrow it's Inktober! Are you in?

Want to get better at drawing? Want to have fun with other artists all over the world, drawing every day for the month of October? Jake Parker has just the thing for you!

See how it all started here on Jake's YouTube. Suggested materials are listed in the video itself and the video description.

If you can't think what to draw, here's the official prompt list from Jake Parker himself!
Scroll down some of my examples from previous years here.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

ARTbeat 2017: Cirque du Surreal

I am pleased to announce my contribution of the painting "Mystic Reflections ", to Kirkland Arts Center for the fantastic 9th annual ARTbeat Benefit Auction & Gala.
The evening includes a delicious 3-course meal and complimentary wine and cocktails.
Date: Saturday October 28, 2017

"Mystic Reflections"  Original watercolor by Michele 15"x22" (22x28" framed and matted)
About the painting:
Distant headlands float on a milky layer of fog as rocky peaks along the shoreline appear above the mist. Rhythmic waves can be heard beneath that silky blanket, coming to rest in shining tide pools at your feet.

About the artist:
I view my painting experience as a "conversation with the light". It's a constant give and take during the hour or so that I spend on location. My desire is that, even without words, the viewer sees that there is room in this dialog for them, too.

I am a professional fine artist, working mainly in watercolor and occasionally in oil in the Seattle, WA area. I have been teaching watercolor since 1979. My work is in corporate and private collections internationally and has been published by Northlight Books and various art periodicals. My sketches on Flickr have been featured in "Explore" numerous times.  I am a blog correspondent for Seattle Urban Sketchers, and recently attended the 8th Annual USK Symposium in Chicago and the 7th Annual USK Symposium at University of Manchester, UK.


  • Northwest Watercolor Society, Signature Member
  • Women Painters of Washington, Signature Member
  • National Collage Society, Signature and President Emeritus 
  • Blog Correspondent for Seattle Urban Sketchers
  • Teaching artist at Kirkland Arts Center, Skagit Valley College, North Cascades Institute and others

Saturday, September 9, 2017

After the Rain

Finally! After more than 50 days without rain, forest fires and smoky, hazy air with ashes from forest fires falling on our heads, we had measurable rain for a few hours today. What a relief!
The fields still look dry with our new record for most consecutive days without measurable precipitation (55 straight), the city’s combined rainfall tally the past two months of just 0.02 inches ties 1914 for the driest July-August on record.
I hopped into the "mobile studio" and drove to a spot across the road from an old barn, shoulder deep in dry grass and right on the flight path to the municipal airport. Here's my initial pencil line work, just one, in my Pentalic Aquajournal and my watercolor set up, using the new color dots from QoR, one of our generous sponsors from the Chicago Urbansketchers Symposium.
Here's my mobile studio setup, trying out the little QoR sample palette.

Rain at last! Some like it, some don't.

It finally rained after 55 straight days of dry weather. You tend to forget a few things about taking sunshine for granted:
  1. No matter how diligently you water your plants, they don't appreciate it as much as even a few drops of rain. (That's "Knucklehead" the potted pumpkin. Look at those big leaves reaching for the raindrops!)
  2. Not a good idea to  use water soluble ink, even if you're sketching under the eaves on a dry patch of the sidewalk. Instant specks!
  3. A cat can forget that its secret nap lair leaks in the rain.
Our neighbor cat emerged from her secret nap lair, VERY disgruntled and soaking wet.