Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer afternoon in a flower patch

On their way back from an afternoon sketching at the flower patch.
Hedlin Farm runs a seasonal stand at the round-a-bout entrance to La Conner. Today the flower patch was full of color-from wild daisies below our ankles to the sunflowers way above our heads. Even though we melted in the scarce shade of another hot summer day, I had a great time sketching with friends. Everyone was ready to go, but before I packed everything up, I caught two of them on their way back to share our sketches. See the Anacortes Sketchers blog for more of the day's paintings.
A great cloud of dust arose as dry soil was being tilled in the distance.

After everyone left, I was trying to cool down in my air conditioned car, and deciding whether to go home or work on my unfinished sketch. I added the figures and a few extra touches. Once I cooled off, the light was better on the distant farm, so I moved around to the other side of the farm stand and sketched the view I had liked from the moment I arrived. Finished it at 5pm. One of the helpers who worked there took a picture and sent it to her watercolor friend in Florida.

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