Monday, May 1, 2017

Urban Sketchers Show on Seattle Artwalk, May 4

I'm pleased to announce that my sketches are included in the group show "Urban Sketchers 10 Years"  by the Seattle Urban Sketchers who are instructors of the 10x10 workshop series. 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of Urban Sketchers worldwide, founded by Seattleite Gabi Campanario. 

Friends and family are invited to an opening reception at the Center for Architecture & Design (1010 Western Ave, Seattle) from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on Thursday May 4th for the Seattle Art Walk.  The rest of the time the exhibit can be seen during regular hours except when there is a committee meeting in the board room.  On Thursday light snacks and refreshments (wine and beer) will be served.  There is a larger exhibit ongoing at the center and so ours will be in the board room right off from the entry.

Prints of my sketches of Shilshole Marina & Sunset View Condos and Gasworks Marina Boathouse are in the exhibit.
There are a few spots left in my workshop on May 20.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

May Challenge Options for the Indecisive

I just have to post this option for those who want to join a drawing/painting challenge in May. Charlie O'Shields over at offers a set of unique prompts---textures. Something to capture the interest of the watercolor artist.

Hmm, maybe I will see how many of these I can combine with the ones Jutta Richter has on Flickr for EDM Every Day in May.

Can you do it? Be sure to add #worldwatercolorgroup if you post any of your efforts online! And have fun!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Every day in May 2017 drawing challenge

Can you believe it? It's almost the end of April and you know what that means! It's time for the "Every  Day in May" drawing challenge. Artists of all ages and abilities and from all over the world make a promise to draw or paint something every day in May. Then they share it online through Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and their blogs.

Jutta Richter hosts the EDM group on Flickr, where you can see the list of prompts illustrated above and where you can upload your daily drawings. You can also use #EDM2017 or #EDIM2017 or #everydayinmay2017 on social media.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Celebration of Spring on the 10th Anniversary of USK

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Urban Sketchers worldwide. As we met at Seattle Art Museum on Sunday morning, I knew several of my fellow urban sketchers would stay in the lobby to draw the new installation of John Grade's "Middle Fork". In the spirit of group reportage, I decided to make the short walk up to Pike Place Market and find something iconic and celebratory to commemorate the first weekend of spring. Winter was finally over in the city where Urban Sketchers was founded.
The Gum Wall, the Balloon Man, an abundant display of cherry blossoms--all seemed a celebration of the first  weekend of spring.
Everybody says "Ewwwww!"
The gum wall was my first destination. After a steam cleaning in November of 2015 removed 2,350 lbs of accumulated gum, for the first time in 20 years the brick walls in Pike Place Market's Post Alley were clear. I thought it was about time to see how the "mural of gum" looks now. Jackson Pollock would be proud. I doubt, however, that his work was usually greeted by exclamations of "Ewwww!" and warnings of "Don't touch it!" as people do when they first encounter the gum wall. But then you can't contribute to one of Pollock's compositions either. And it reminds me of a freeze frame photo of confetti and fireworks!

At the corner of 1st and Pike
 Farrell Thomas The Balloon Man, aka Twister Thomas, is one of the colorful denizens of the Pike Street Neighborhood. Balloon animals are quite festive aren't they? Thomas has a spot by the information booth. Brass hoof prints at his feet lead to another market icon, Rachel the pig. A few drops of rain fell from the overhang I was using as cover and blotted my sketch of his face a little, but I think it just gives more character to the quick study.

As it continued to rain, I retreated further under the shelter of the entryway of DB Laurenti's on the corner of 1st and Pike. I considered sketching the iconic news stand, but the full blossoms across the street looked like puffy pink kernels bursting out of the top of the trees like movie popcorn. A celebration of spring!

I finished my sketch of the cherry trees and the street corner. By now it was time for me to walk back down two blocks and meet with Seattle Urban Sketchers at the SW lobby of SAM to share our sketches. We covered the entire Pike Street Neighborhood, the museum and more.

As you can see by other posts on the subject, it was a great turnout for our first weekend of Spring!
I saw wonderful sketches of the installation "Middle Fork", the stone sculptures of camels on the stairs, street views up and down the block, the "Hammering Man" and examples from various exhibits that were personally chosen by each artist. It turned out to be a celebration of Seattle, urban sketching, reportage and spring!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day

Finally finished my two page spread to record the planting of our new serviceberry tree. It replaced a tree that came down this winter. Varieties of this  tree grow everywhere and are called by so many names. 

I sketched all but the berries on location. I have to wait for berries this summer. I hope we get some this year. I guess they're like blueberries but a bit drier.

PS I posted a 40 second video on Instagram sporting my new flower pen while drawing the Earth Day lettering. See it here. The pen was a lovely surprise gift from a friend. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

New YouTube Watercolor Tutorial

I was inspired by all the cherry trees in our neighborhood. They are just barely past their full bloom and the recent downpour of rain, hail and windy weather has already caused some of the blossoms to come sprinkling down
Naturally, I realized the emergency and got busy filming a video tutorial on how to paint a tree full of cherry blossoms in watercolor. I used the vibrant colors in the Prima Tropicals set. It's just freshly uploaded and you can see it right here!
Update: Uh oh, Saturday I tried using a feature on YouTube and now it deleted all but 5 minutes of my 14 minute video. Working on it! Sunday----Okay, Fixed!
How, you may ask did I come by all the lovely cherry blossoms in the video?
Since we haven't got a cherry tree of our own, I snipped a few branches off our star magnolia, also in bloom, and hustled over to offer our neighbors a trade!
I traded some branches of our star magnolia (r) for some of our neighbor's cherry blossoms!
Although I have this list in the description on the video, here are the (unsponsored) products I used:

Silver Black Velvet Voyager Travel Brush #6 round--squirrel and synthetic blend feels like sable
Richeson Grey Matters synthetic #12 round--made for plein air, non reflective ferrule

Fabriano Studio 140# CP, cut into 4x6" postcard size

Prima Tropicals Set
Two additional colors: Cobalt Blue, Manganese Blue (both Daniel Smith)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Urban Sketch Kit for Ink & Watercolor

Everything fits into a medium cross body bag or small backpack.
The new international series of urban sketchers workshops, Discovering Your City One Sketch at a Time, Seattle 10x10 is underway! I am looking forward to my turn to teach you how to combine your writing and drawing in Workshop #8: Visual Journaling.

Here's my pared down kit that I usually use when we have our monthly meetups in Seattle. That's my DIY Altoids mini tin open on top of the Prima Tropicals Watercolor Set.

Extras: The small pink stylus/pen on the left is for taking notes on my smart phone. I usually stand and sketch or find a nearby bench, rock or restaurant if I need to sit down.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

New pen, new periscope broadcast, fun day in the studio

I had a fun day, sketching live on while opening a package containing my new Seaglass pen. Fun chatting with you all, too. 
The finished watercolor sketch. Thank you to my students for the lovely handmade sketchbook. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

All Hail Broke Loose!

I had a lot of fun spoofing my Instagram friends yesterday about the patch of wild Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes. Loved the comments on both the still photo and the video. View 30 second video here.
No sooner did I have my deluxe outdoor setup ready for working in my nature journal than the temperature dipped and it started to hail! I had to duck into the studio for about 20 minutes before I could resume.

When I came back to the large pot that I was using as a stand for my sketchbook, there were little pin head sized ice pellets of hail speckled in the soil. So I added that to my three page spread.

I'm still working on the rest of the page spread but I think I might be finished by tomorrow. It's no problem doing the sketches but I have a lot of research to do on indentifying the specimens growing on the log.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Cherry Pie in One Minute

I had a lot of fun doing a time lapse video demo with the last of the cherry pie...then I ate it!
It's quick and loose. Just the thing to do at teatime! Watch both the drawing and the watercolor process on my Instagram feed. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spending Our One Sunny Day in Fremont with USkSeattle

'After all the recent rainfall, it was a beautifully sunny day at Hale’s Ales Brewery for the Urban Sketchers Seattle meet-up at 11 a.m. Since 1983, Hale’s claims to be the longest running, continually owned brewery, of any size, in the Pacific Northwest, and indeed one of the oldest in the entire U.S.
There were fascinating things (like a red London phone booth) to sketch inside, but the forecast is for another week of rain and I didn't want to waste our one sunny day! I found a great spot out back of the brewery at the corner of 8th Ave NW and NW 43rd. 
Who wouldn't want to bask in the warm sun while sketching a grain elevator with a worn out Moss Bay sign, a container with the word "clepto" spray painted in red on the side, a small spare tire secured with rope to the blue tarp on a storage bin and a nice big green dumpster? After a while, despite the sunshine, my hands did get cold so I went inside to see what the menu had to offer.

Along with lunch, a few of us ordered a flight of ales with interesting names like El Jefe Weisen, Red Menace, and NightTroll (a play on words referring to a nearby landmark, the Fremont Troll.)

I counted 23 sketchers today. I'm not surprised. When we get a sun break here in the Pacific NW we don't waste it! After sharing our sketches and getting a group photo in the Pub, I headed for one more spot on the way home.

I've been waiting for a sunny day and some good cast shadows so that I could sketch the old Everett Courthouse. These shadows weren't quite what I had in mind, but we have only one day of pure sunshine before it rains again!

The front steps are no longer used and some of the landscaping is getting a bit overgrown. It's an unusual type of architecture for our area, but Everett does have a few random Spanish style buildings, including the old courthouse. The shadows I wanted would have been better in about an hour but I felt uncomfortable alone in the deserted neighborhood.  So I quickly sketched an abbreviated version of the scene and went home to add color.

Update: I was notified that my sketch of the Old Everett Courthouse I added to the Flickr group Urban Sketchers Seattle has been selected to be its cover photo. See how it looks here:

Sketchers sketching sketchers while being sketched

Blue sky and sunshine all day! Yay!

Perfect for the monthly meet up of USkSeattle at Hale's Ales in Fremont.

You can tell by the hunched up look of the plants on the patio that it was 32 degrees this morning, though. Not quite fully spring time yet!
USkSeattle monthly outing at Hale's Ales."Who's here for the first time?

  We had quite a few new sketchers this time. A good number were from West Seattle. Welcome!

Sketchers in the corner and at lunch, being photographed by other sketchers. The server exhibits sketch pose #1.
We thought our beer samplers were quite generously sized and looked like jewels in the sunlight! (Server in sketch pose #2)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pi Day Leftovers

Anyone for pie? Yes, I know that National Pi/Pie Day was four days ago, but it's taken me this long to digest the whole series of events that took place that day.

WIP-sketching at the kitchen counter
We weren't actually aware that it was Pi Day on Tuesday, but the overwhelming number of others who were observing the occasion possibly created a subliminal influence and we had pizza pie for dinner that night. After dinner our granddaughter texted from Haagen's, a local grocery store, to let us know that ALL their pies were half off! Well! We do like their chicken pot pies for a cozy dinner on a stormy night.

My husband grabbed the car keys and he was off! Some time later, he returned with most of what you see here! Four days later and I am overwhelmed with pie. I couldn't think of what to do other than put them all out on the counter and sketch them. I was planning on leftover pizza for a late lunch, but as usual, when I'm sketching food I forget all about eating it until after I finish sketching. I could smell it, though!

In an uncanny circumstance, I finished sketching at exactly 3:14pm. Huh!

Read my journal sketch page to see how I accidentally got even MORE pie from McDonald's!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Special Trip to "Seeing Nature"

Here we are under John Grade’s large-scale sculpture, Middle Fork, which echoes the contours of a 140-year-old western hemlock tree located in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. It's suspended over us in the main lobby at the Seattle Art Museum.
Beginning by making a full plaster cast of the living tree, the artist and a cadre of volunteers used this mold to recreate the tree’s form out of thousands of pieces of reclaimed old-growth cedar.
Clean, bright and white on white, even the carafes, condiments and recyclable utensils are artfully inspired. We're making our selections from the appetizing menu at "Taste", the museum cafe. Anticipation for the upcoming tour of "seeing Nature" was one of the main topics of conversation at lunch.
This was one of the top favorites in our group probably because, of all the oil paintings, it most resembles watercolor.
It's not everyone who can say they have a Monet, Cezanne or Manet in their private collection.

I particularly liked this Venetian painting by Eduard Manet. It reminds me a lot of John Singer Sargent's work.
Edward Hopper's gigantic panorama of the Grand Canyon features arresting colors. I could "feel" the heat! See how such a thin strip of sky is used to enhance the feeling of vast depth in the canyon.

We all stood on the steps with the sculpture for one more photo. I trust you are encouraged by this small selection of the artwork to visit the collection and enjoy a guided tour for more insights. The show goes through May 23, 2017.

Monday, March 13, 2017

An Unexpected Detour at SAM

The 4th floor display of world art at the Seattle Art Museum cannot fail to impress. A visit on Sunday afternoon reaffirmed my resolve to return more often. Although I came to view paintings in the landscape exhibition, I found myself returning to this exhibit for a second and third time. There is so much to see and so much to learn by reading the description on each piece. 
The clothed mannequins and tall sculpture pedestals beyond the escalators seem to populate a village with their masks, shirts, coats, dresses and headdresses from Congo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Liberia, Guinea, and other west African nations.

Eventually, museum goers became an almost inconspicuous part of the tableau. 
Is it true that we exist in a series of parallel universes? It seemed as though a momentary time lapse occurred in a quiet corner of the gallery.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Finished! 100 people in 5 days

There was no question about where I would go for some of my last sketches in the challenge to do 100 people in five days. This was Friday, I just finished teaching my morning class at Kirkland Arts Center, I was hungry and couldn't wait to have lunch at Mediterranean Kitchen. It's just a few minutes away in Totem Lake.

On the way, waiting at a traffic stop, I grabbed one of my business cards and sketched a woman across the street who was waiting for the bus and listening to her iPod.

I glued the card into an empty spot on yesterday's page. But it's #1 out of 26 needed to catch up with the final total of 100 by the end of the day!

Made it for lunch at Mediterranean Kitchen just before the afternoon rush. The food is delicious and there are always great faces and characters to observe. I found the perfect spot to enjoy lunch and sketching at a table along the banquette seating on the east wall.

I must say that the belly dancing set of music is a bit harrying and stressful when you're trying to sketch. It just makes me try to draw faster and faster.
Some people left before I could finish. I really liked my watercolor pencil drawing of the man in the lower center of the page but he left before I could do much more. The guy in the lower right corner was fixing his hair and taking selfies while waiting for his take-out order. Ahem! Missed a spot!
I could have added another dozen sketches from the car outside the cinema.
It takes about 50-60 minutes to commute home from Kirkland. I ended up going out after dinner for the last nine sketches needed to complete my 100 for the week. I knew right where to go on a Friday night---the local multi-plex cinema!

By now I've learned to check the schedules on my proposed venues. (It's very disappointing when there's nobody there to sketch!) This time I knew that a movie would let out at around 9:15 or 9:30 PM. I sketched a few people in the concession area and then had my choice of subjects coming out into the lobby as they left the auditoriums.

Meanwhile, the security guard noticed me, came over and sat down next to me on my bench, looking over my shoulder at what I was doing. Once he saw my pages from earlier in the week and learned about my project, he must have deemed it okay to bring outside sketches into the theater. Off he went to continue his rounds. (Good thing I didn't bring any outside snacks!)
This was a good place to fill up as many pages as I wanted, but it was late and I needed to go home and add color before posting my catch of the day.
So that's 27 for the day and I'm all caught up! I think my total is actually 101 for the week.

I usually include people in context as part of my urban sketches so this challenge was a bit disorienting for me at first. I panicked a bit at the prospect of having enough time to draw 20 live, bustling people a day, much less their accoutrements and surroundings! It was a marathon, but so much fun! And it got me out of the house into weather I would have avoided and at times when I normally would have stayed at home. Thanks again, Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel for the inspiration!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 4 and 7 short of Goal

I'm sketching at Haagen's grocery tonight after a really busy day. Got this shot of the last group to leave. I'll be 7 short of my goal of sketching 20 people for the day so tomorrow it is going to be catch up time. 
For me, the quickest way to sketch a group is directly painting with a brush, no pencil or preliminary drawing. I'm starting to get a better feel for the hot press surface in my new Stillman and Birn Zeta sketchbook.  I'm using a Pentel Waterbrush and my Atoids watercolor mini tin with 6 colors. If time allows, I can use my Sharpie Stylo fine tip pen for a few details. The woman in her '30s (upper right group)  had an entire collection of what looked like toddlers' car seat toys strung up and hanging from her backpack zipper pull.

So this brings my total to 74 people sketches so far. Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of the challenge. I have a class to teach until 1:00. I'm glad it will be a day when there's typically a lot of people out there!