Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kubota Gardens Sketchbook

My sketchbook impressions of the day - 8/8/14
They seemed to merge with the stones. Chisels ringing, stone masons from Japan and around the country worked together at Kubota Gardens yesterday as a group of USk sketchers observed and created pages in their sketchbooks. Once in a while, a whiff of dust would come through the chain link fence as a stone worker blew it out of a granite crevice with his bamboo "straw". Cranes lifted the stones, one or two at a time, and placed them where directed by Junji and Suminori Awata, 14th and 15th generation stonemasons and masters of their craft. In just 14 days they will dry fit the granite into an 8 ft. base for the new Terrace Overlook.

Called Rock People Chisels, I am grateful to have shared the experience with my granddaughter and great-granddaughter yesterday.

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