Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sipping Tea by North Light

It was a dark and stormy day......
I wanted to sketch by natural north light, so I took advantage of my remedy for a gloomy afternoon; tea and cookies! After I had heated the water, brewed the tea and had taken a few sips, and ripped the red strip off the package of cookies, I realized that it was already 3:45 and the light was going fast.

So I grabbed my Lamy pen and waterbrush and got to work. No time for a bite of gingerbread cookies just yet!

4:28 pm-These cookies are yummy and the tea is still piping hot. Sip, sip, Ahhh!
4:28 pm.-Sipping tea by north light


  1. I love this in ink...sort of like a throwback to the past.

    1. Thank you, Joan. I agree. The ink and wash treatment brings up an air of nostalgia, especially with a timeless subject like this.

      Notice that I included the trophy shot so that you could admire my restraint in sticking to black ink instead of the very nice color scheme it presented.