Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On location

Here is the beginning of my interpretation of the bluffs at Ebey's Landing.

I painted this in the early afternoon on the last day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jamie Wyeth on Watercolor vs Oil

I have to admit that I usually favor watercolor over oil simply because of the clean up much easier with watercolor.

Imagine my glee when I heard this podcast of an interview with Jamie Wyeth! Seriously, though, what a privilege to be able to "sit down and converse" like this with him, just as you and I would after a day of painting. (Click on the link above and then listen to Episode 1.)

During a recent painting expedition on Whidbey Island, there was one situation where the light created a "ready made" oil painting on the cliffs at Ebey's Landing and I would have given anything to have my oil kit there that afternoon.

I painted a watercolor, framed it, it was accepted in the Plein Air Juried show and sold, all within 18 hours!

I am posting my photo of the location. What do you think?

After I hear your opinions, I may post a photo of my version of the scene in watercolor. Shall I?