Sunday, October 11, 2015

Inspired by the workbench

Inktober, 2015, Day 11: As I entered the garage today, my husband's workbench was back lit and the Kleenex box with tissue all  fluffed out caught my eye. Then there were his safety glasses and fishing hats hung on a peg, his 25 foot measuring tape on the window sill and an old "For Sale sign".
Gary's corner
Old fishing headgear and black safety glasses
Lawnmower upgrades for cutting our grasses
Pulleys and dead bolts and sprockets and springs
These are a few of his .............................

Haha, gotcha!


  1. Love it! Just goes to show that what is right under our noses can make for an interesting sketch.

    1. Thank you, Joan. This drawing challenge makes me stop and look more often every day. No matter how beautiful, unless the lighting is right, it won't work as a drawing or a painting. It's all about the light.

  2. Very funny Michele. I'm afraid I'll be singing that tune all day! Thanks for providing the lyrics. (Oh...and, nice juicy ink sketch!)

    1. ;) I've been having a bit of fun with this "ear worm" as T and K call it. I have, however been hoist by my own petard. Welcome to the Sound of Music Merry-Go-Round.

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my sketch.