Friday, November 20, 2020

Join Me Live on Periscope Sunday, November 22 at 9:00am PST

 👋😎 Hey! It’s been quite some time since we had a chat and a live tutorial on Periscope, hasn’t it?

Join me live on this Sunday, November 22 at 9:00am for a tutorial on binding and making a cover for your DIY watercolor journal/sketchbook. Just drop in to say hello or play along with this fun and easy craft project.

I’ve been sketching comfort food with my watercolor class lately and I have to make a cover for my DIY sketchbook.

If you want to do this along with me, see below for a materials list. You probably have everything you need right there at home.


  • 3 or 4 sheets of 140lb watercolor paper (8x10 or up to 11x14)
  • an empty cereal box or other recyclable cardboard 
  • scissors, ruler, pencil, bone folder
  • thumb tack or push pin
  • yarn/string/waxed binders’ thread, Choose one
  • long needle with large eye for the thread, like a darning needle or book binder’s needle
  • You can use wrapping paper or fabric big enough to cover the cardboard.
  • Elmers glue will work to glue the paper or fabric to the cardboard cover but takes time to dry. Extra strong glue stick is nice. Fabric Tac glue works great but it’s expensive. 
I think that’s it. See you there! 😊