Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The crows roost in a tree across our street, pumpkins are everywhere and I visited two farms on Monday
It seems that I am alternating my sketching days this week: a day on a city street, then a day out on a farm, then city, then country. It's a fun way to keep finding something new to capture. Each round trip is about 90 miles, though, so I have fallen behind in scanning and posting my Inktober sketches. These are the ones for days 24-27.
The sun came out and gave me great shadows today at the Arlington Municipal Cemetery.
I was hoping to enter an online painting challenge today, but although I spent the better part of the day on location at the Arlington Cemetery, I still didn't get my 9x12 plein air piece done. So far, all I want to show is the value study of one of the gravestones that I did to warm up. (Conveniently, it serves as my Inktober drawing for the day!) Most of this section of the cemetery had stones from the early 1900's, people who were born in mid century 1800's. Many of the markers were leaning, especially the ones set on a steep hillside.

The light came over the fence and threw beautiful shadows down the grassy hill, catching a carpet of fallen leaves and turning them into gold. I'm not giving up on the painting just yet. So I will let you know when it's ready and post it here when I feel it's satisfactory. The thing that's taking me so long is that I am working in gouache, an opaque form of watercolor, and it's a bit of a brain twist from my usual transparent watercolor.


  1. I'm enjoying your Inktober sketches. Like you I've been attracted to the local cemeteries. Between the worn, toppling headstones and the light and shadows, there is so much there to sketch. Hope you finish your plein air piece in time.

    1. Thanks, Joan. Yes, such a great place to learn from nature. You're very kind but I was playing around with gouache and couldn't do it justice on the deadline. Rats, I really wanted those prizes, too!