Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Kitchen Window

One of the artists whose work I admire is Edward Hopper. I was reading an article recently about his studio in Truro and about an artist who stays there sometimes, Philip Koch.
Photo by Philip Koch
This is the view Hopper would have looked at rinsing out his coffee cup in the kitchen sink- Cape Cod Bay peeking over rolling dunes. The sunlight steaming in through his windows confronts you at every turn in the studio. No wonder it played such a key role in his paintings.---from Koch's article on Hopper 

What's the view from your kitchen window? I challenge all Sunday painters to use that as your subject today. 


  1. I followed the link to Phillip Koch's blog and got trapped there for quite a while. lol Interesting reading. Then I came back and saw your challenge, but it is too late and too dark to paint the snowy scene outside my window. Thanks for the link!

    1. You're welcome, Joan. Glad you enjoyed reading about that studio. Don't worry, I have a feeling the snowy scene will be waiting for you tomorrow morning! :)