Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Possibly the "Perfect Mini Sketchkit" ?

Look what I got! Right there in the middle!  An "angel" heard that I made a mistake when ordering and missed out on the chance to get The Perfect Sketchbook and gave me one of the only two she had. I can't thank her enough!

Update: Thank you, Erwin, for posting my kit and some of my work on your Facebook page, The Perfect Sketchbook. 

All this could fit in a small zip bag, handbag, or pocket of a backpack or jacket:
  1. The Perfect Sketchbook (put business cards in the gusseted pocket in back)  
    Either one of these pencil cases works.
  2. Aquash waterbrush (easy to fill and won't roll away)
  3. Lamy fountain pen with water soluble black ink
  4. Micron Archival black .01 pen (paint right over it, won't smear)
  5. Mechanical pencil (no need for sharpener)
  6. Micro fiber sponge for regulating water on the brush (dries with a squeeze)
  7. Kneaded eraser
  8. My DIY mini watercolor kit (more info and how to make one)
Note: Up until now, I have been using a similar sized sketchbook by Pentalic, the 5"x8" Aqua Journal.
See yesterday's post for examples.


  1. Looks like the perfect "Mini Sketchkit" with just about everything you need! Let us know how you like the new sketchbook.

  2. Eager to read your review of that "perfect" sketchbook!