Sunday, February 8, 2015

Button up for Winter

Good morning, Sunday Painters. Just wanted to suggest a subject for your painting project today. The lines from an old song are on my mind "Button up your overcoat .......take good care of yourself...."
I know some of you are having some cold, snowy weather or wet and rainy this week. How about staying indoors and playing around with your watercolors today?

Paint something with buttons. What else comes to mind when you think of that subject?
5 generations of buttons
I used to have a pink wool coat when I was 5 with a matching hat, my mother (and grandmothers) had a button jar, and my granddaughter-in-law made the tea cosy which I have used for a tea party with my great granddaughter.


  1. I have a button container (plastic) that I got from my mother. All the buttons used to be in a cardboard candy box but that sort of disintegrated. Maybe I should transfer the buttons to a glass jar and paint them. Right now I'm finishing a painting of beets and starting a masa paper sunflower painting. Our weather today is not enticing enough to paint outdoors. lol

    1. Right! And could you ever find a button that you could actually use? The candy box idea is good because you can sort through them without spilling out the whole jar. :)

      Did you know that The Sketchbook Project posted a page from yours on their Instagram today? Kudos!