Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seven signs of Spring

These have been in bloom for at least two weeks already!
The calendar says it's February. As long as I can remember, that's included in the winter months in the Pacific NW.

However, every indication seems to be that it is spring! The weather, the temperature, birds, flowers, etc. I saw Flickers gathering nest materials in the back yard last week. My star magnolia looks like it will pop open its little white buds any moment!
You can actually sit out on the patio for lunch!

How about a commitment to drawing and/or painting every day from Sunday to Sunday this week?

Each day, draw a different sign of spring.


  1. LOL I'm glad spring is appearing somewhere! We had snow again overnight. I will try to paint something every day (I usually do) but I can't promise it will be a sign of spring.

    1. LOL Not again! Well, maybe you can work from memory......Arrrgh. You must be so DONE with snow!

      I have to say that I do enjoy your snow paintings, though. This can't go on forever, so may as well work with it while you can. :)