Monday, February 2, 2015

At Kalena's with ASK

Opportunities for subject matter around every corner outside. 
Jerlyn, Petey, Missy, Patrick (Back)
Annette, Jude, Bonney, Jane, Katie, Kalena (Front)
Down the beach: Jill--Inside, at the dining table: Linden, Carolyn
Behind the camera: Michele
Thank you, Kalena, for your hospitality in hosting today's meet up with the Anacortes Sketchers. There were views of the tidal bay with a few forested islands, a shoreline strung with beach houses, some still showing their 1950's origins and not a drop of rain as we took our walk on the shore.
Every imaginable beach combing collection was available for inspiration   


  1. Replies
    1. All credit goes to Kalena. She had a huge jar of beach glass, baskets of shells and another basket of great rocks.....not to mention the treasures laying around outside and on the beach. I could paint there for the rest of my life!