Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trading sunshine for showers

Rain floods the fields and dramatic skies rule the fall landscape
The kids are back to school, Labor Day Sales are over and the predominant weather has shifted from dry and sunny, to moderate temps during the day and much cooler nights, as well as more cloudy days than sunny ones. Summer is my favorite season here in the Pacific NW and I hate to see it end!

Another thing I will miss is the time to go out sketching on my own and with friends and colleagues. My goal for the summer was to fill an entirely new sketchbook. I can say that my new Stillman & Birn Beta has been there the whole time, as well as my handmade, Sketchbook Project, and a new little Pentalic Aqua. So the accumulated collection has filled more than one sketchbook!

Now I look forward to using all that recharged creative energy to teach my watercolor classes.

PS. Never fear, we have some fantastic weather coming up through the end of October.

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