Saturday, September 13, 2014

Skagit River Farm sketches

On Thursday, I mentioned that I would soon post the finished sketches from my two recent visits to the Skagit River Farm Barn. One of the co-owners, Gary, was sorting corn on the flatbed outside the big barn and told me that he ran the gas station across the street for 35 years. I remember stopping there many times on my way to the tulip fields for gas and a bloom map.

My finished two page spread of sketches from SRF.
3 years ago, Gary and his son built a brand new, yet beautifully reminiscent barn across the street from the gas station. They have filled it with fresh local produce and a kitchen that makes homemade soup every day. There is even an old fashioned pie safe, stocked full of fresh baked pies. You have got to stop in! It's right off Exit 221 on I-5 at the Lake McMurray exit.

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