Sunday, September 28, 2014

Face your fears

They say the best way to overcome fear is to learn more about what you fear and familiarity will help you overcome it. I think that if you go a bit further and can find beauty in the object of your aversion, you may just end up wondering why you feared it in the first place.
Botanical, whimsical or impressionistic, which approach will you take?
Do you think this is about bees, bugs and butterflies? Of course not, silly. :) It's about that blank piece of watercolor paper over there. So go get your paints, brushes and your Audobon book on insects and see how beautiful those little jewels can be.
There are some lovely watercolor inspirations by Kate Osborne, who uses watercolor techniques to interpret the subject in her own beautiful way.

Update: If you are in the Phoenix area, there is a section of the Phoenix Convention Center with sculptures of larger than life bugs called "Social Invertebrates". I learned of this because I follow Kirk Hays, #kirkart on Instagram. He did a great sketch of the scorpion today!

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