Saturday, July 18, 2015

Street Yoga?

Out sketching at Occidental Park with the Seattle urban sketchers yesterday, I saw this row of chairs and tables leading all the way back to the Bamba Fusion food truck. Zoom in for a closer look and you will discover a group of men practicing some unusual and odd postures. Is it possible that there's a new movement of street yoga that I don't know about?

If so, I believe that I have deciphered the names of some of the poses: (left to right)
  1. Deodorant check
  2. Hair of the Dog
  3. Lean and Read (balance)
  4. Centering head in circle (back)
  5. Hokey Pokey-right foot in (front)
  6. Street Lamp
  7. Hands Free Text and Walk Stretch (advanced)
  8. Wedgie
As break dancing is to ballroom, street yoga could prove a grittier alternative to traditional methods.
(The chair yoga pose on the far right is "Sketcher")


  1. I can just imagine trying to sketch all those tables and chairs. lol Fun yoga poses. Love the post with your sketches below...that book store is so cute!

  2. Thank you, Joan. Glad to know that SOMEBODY appreciates my sense of humor. :)

    I know several sketches that would love to sink their teeth into those tables and chairs. Some days I have the mental energy for it, some days not.
    Thanks for your kind words about my book store sketch post. I am enjoying the Singapore Symposium sketches of shop fronts and feel inspired. Would love to see all those places, but the weather here has been enough for me! Can't imagine suffering the heat and humidity in SG.