Thursday, July 23, 2015

EDiM 30 and EDiM 31 - Birdfeeder-Eggs-Nest

Still catching up with EDiM
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Interesting coincidence:
EDiM 30- A birdhouse or birdfeeder
I saw this birdfeeder at our son's home in New Mexico and sketched it with our granddaughter. Then last Monday, I was with the Anacortes Sketchers in Conway, WA, and saw another one just like it. Before this, I had never before seen any quite like these. I wonder if they are antiques.

EDiM 31 - Eggs
I LOVE eggs! Everything about them: How they look, how they feel, how they taste, what you can make out of them and drawing, sketching, painting them.

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  1. The nest really came out nice! Eggs are so much fun to sketch...the broken shells are so unique with their irregular edges.