Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Purgatory, CO-The higher I go, the dumber I get

One thing I know: You need oxygen to provide enough brainpower for sketching! The resort at Purgatory, CO, is billed as "halfway to heaven", with street names like "Sheol" and condominiums named "Brimstone". Until you get used to the altitude, the lack of oxygen wreaks havoc with the sketchbook.
I could see this from my seat at the oxygen bar.
Even after a hit at the Altitude O2 Oxygen Bar, in the main plaza of Purgatory Mountain Resort, CO  this is all I could come up with for an ink sketch at 10,000 ft. The higher the altitude, the dumber I get!
Color added with my Van Gogh watercolor travel palette and waterbrush.
Called "The Purgatory Plunge", your zipline ride starts at the tallest tower in the resort, just off the main plaza. Even though it's a relatively short ride, you can reach up to 35 mph because of the drop. Unlike a few of my family members, I'm not afraid of heights. If it wasn't for caution about the altitude, I would have loved to do this!
The kids enjoyed the elevated obstacle course.

Elevations we reached when visiting:

  • Farmington, New Mexico:  5,395 ft./ 1,644 meters 1,791 meters
  • Aztec Ruins, New Mexico: 5,877 ft./ 1,791 meters
  • City of Durango: 6,512 ft./ 2000 meters
  • Silverton: 9,318 ft./2,800 meters
  • Purgatory Ski Area 
    (Durango Mountain Resort):
  • Base Elevation: 8,793 ft./ 2,680 m
    Summit Elevation: 10,822 ft./ 3,298.5 meters
(I'm still catching up on scans of my sketches from this family trip in June)

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  1. You were thinking well enough to remember to leave an area for text. This came out nice!!! I love that you included someone zip-lining in the sketch. No way would I ever try that!!!