Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday at Westlake Plaza

What fabulous weather and location for urban sketching! The Seattle USk Ad Hoc meetup on Friday couldn't have been more perfect! Seattle urban sketchers met an hour early (9:00 am) at Starbucks on the Westlake Plaza downtown. Since the timing puts me through a grinding commute from where I live 45 miles north of Seattle, I opted to leave at 9:00 and get there a bit late. Then I had to find parking, which isn't cheap! Then walk around the block in the wrong direction getting my bearings.
Sketched in graphite, my DYI Altoids mini watercolor palette and waterbrush (iPhone photo)

It was all worth it, though. I made the most of my day, sketching the Seattle Ducks ticket van quickly with graphite. It's a mini version of the larger WWII vehicles known as DUCWs. Every so often, a new tour leaves the plaza, blasting upbeat party music. Crazy "captains" take the current ticket holders on a very entertaining ride. The Seattle DUCKs take up to 36 people on a 90 minute amphibious tour of Seattle landmarks. (Explore the link for more info on these amazing vehicles.)
Here's a clearer scan with parking ticket collage and notes. Zoom for details or view on Flickr

I saved the option of adding color later because there was so much else to do! After sharing our sketches, some of us went across the street to the main plaza area, where a bandstand was set up for the free lunchtime concerts. I enjoyed my British style fish and chips from NOSH, one of the high end (and delicious) food trucks parked there. (Zagats rated, by the way)

The music was pretty loud, so Tina and I walked over to see the Northwest Watercolor Society Exhibit at the Washington State Convention Center. This year marks their 75th Diamond Anniversary Celebration. Although I did not enter the competition this year, I am proud to say that I am a signature member of NWWS.


  1. Super sketch and collage details!

    1. Thank you very much, Joan. It was quite an interesting crowd of people there at the DUCKs ticket van. Hard to choose what to focus on and what to keep more in the background.

      So I'm curious, is our parking rate similar to yours in NYC or should we just be grateful?