Monday, July 20, 2015

A Midsummer Day's Dream

Words cannot describe it! Anacortes Sketchers were invited to visit TerraBella in the countryside of Conway, WA, this afternoon. This delightful wedding venue has a garden and properties cared for by the equally delightful owners, Caroline and Loren. I took 79 actual photos and double that in mental images that I will never forget.
There is something charming through every vista and around every corner, including the owner, Caroline.
All this is enjoyed by the owners, of course, but intended as the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. I imagine those married here this summer are pinching themselves to make sure they haven't just been dreaming.
Here's the full spread in the last two pages of my sketchbook.
These are the separate compositions:
The Airstream sits behind the flower bed, door and windows open in the breeze.

Fresh linens drying in the summer sun. Heavy peach boughs propped with stakes.

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