Friday, July 31, 2015

Sailing into the record books at Shilshole

I joined the Friday Sketchers in Seattle this morning, from USk Seattle. As the Seattle Urban Sketchers Ad Hoc outing began today, Seattle had already broken two incredible all-time records:  the most number of 90-degree days in a year yesterday. Ten! And we are likely to tack on at least one more today, with a high of 91 in the forecast, and the heat advisory has been extended into Sunday. It’s not only been hot, though, it’s also been extremely dry.

At 10:00 am this morning our situation was not so extreme, however. At Shilshole Bay Marina we found shady spots and cool breezes as we met near the water near the Lief Ericson monument.
Micron pen, the perfect sketchbook and watercolor in the shade. 
Unofficially, we reached approximately 83°F by the time we shared our sketches at 12:30.
A few urban sketchers enjoying a perfect summer morning at Shilshole Marina. Sketches by Michele Cooper

Blue Skies and Breezes - Looking across the Marina to the Sunset West Condominiums - Michele Cooper
A few more sketches came in after this shot.
USk Seattle Sketchers Ad Hoc outing at Shilshole Marina. A few others are missing from the photo.
Update: On my way home this afternoon, the outside temperature on my car dashboard read 91°F and 93°F as I drove north on I-5 through a few of our little micro-climates. It was at least that high for a while at home in Marysville while I ran errands this afternoon. Sketchers who live in Seattle will have to report how it went for them this afternoon.


  1. I was away in DC for a few days and am catching up on your sketches. Trying to sketch in the heat is exhausting...good that you met early before it got really hot. Love all your recent sketches going back to the World Wide Sketchcrawl. I'm always amazed to think about all the people sketching at the same time too.

    1. Welcome back! I imagine you were experiencing some nice WARM summer weather in DC, too!