Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More From TerraBella

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had another sketch from TerraBella, a wedding venue where the beautiful grounds and buildings are all set up for outdoor weddings. One of the buildings is called "Nest". It's exclusively for the bride and her party. A quiet place for them to rest before the ceremony.
Steps leading up to the porch and what I discovered in "Nest"

I didn't post this one yesterday because I had an idea!
Two reasons I didn't post my pencil sketch from yesterday:
  1. I had an idea! I thought I might have fun using my watercolor pencils (which were at home) and couldn't wait to try them on this subject.....it's so curvilinear!
  2. It was only a scribble of a pencil sketch and needed color. (besides, I got an extra 15 minutes from the sketchers before we shared our work and I decided to use them to finish the color on the Airstream.)

Nest Eggs-Original watercolor by Michele Cooper
I am putting this on the EDiM Day 31 page in my sketchbook. Still trying to catch up! But wait! There's More! I am working on another section of that page and will post the whole spread tomorrow.


  1. What a pretty sketch of the nest! I love places like that with tiny nooks and corners that catch your attention and each is a wonderful subject. That airstream and the laundry make such a lovely sketch!!!

    1. Thank you, Joan. I think the most difficult thing about sketching is the overwhelming choice of subject matter and the relatively short amount of time to record it. Choices, choices!