Friday, August 15, 2014

"Tea Party" at Gasworks Park

Rain was coming down in big, splashy drops as I arrived at the Gasworks Park meet up with USk Seattle this morning. There was a shelter, a restroom and the hope that for once the forecast would be accurate--diminishing rain throughout the morning. I was a bit early, and by the time everyone arrived, we had the rain break we were hoping for. Yay!

I found myself in an "Alice in Wonderland" state of mind. Perhaps memories of visiting the park with my children had something to do with it. I looked up above the main shelter and there was an orange "teapot" for me to draw! I had enough time to put some color on and start with my next subject, the "blue layer cake and sandwich plate caddy". It was in a puddle, just around the corner, below eye level. I had to dash in and out of the shelter now and then for a few details, since we had a few light misty sprinkles of rain.....evidently the "10%" that the forecast reported.

Visit here tomorrow for the tale of the last sketch of the morning. :-) "All mimsy were the borogroves,"

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  1. Lovely! Now how did I miss that "tea party"? All I got was the shower. ;-)

    - Tina