Friday, August 29, 2014

PPP with USk Seattle at the UW

You know how some agencies just love acronyms and initials instead of saying the whole phrase? Well, I've got one for you.....PPP stands for Paraty Pit Party. Kate thought it up for those of us who stayed here while some of our fellow sketchers went to Brazil for a fabulous symposium. She even made badges for us! What fun! Actually we are all very excited for those who are there and can't wait to hear all about the experience when they get home. In the meantime, there is an official page to browse and we will KEEP CALM & SKETCH ON.
One of my sketches from the meet with USk Seattle
We met in the UW Medicinal Herb Garden. The map shows where I was sketching, sheltered under some trees while it rained a bit. Make sure to see our sketches posted from that day. It's amazing how much there is to see, just in that one small area.

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