Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rosabella's Poppy Patch

Rosabella's Poppy Patch
It was a perfect, sunny, HOT, summer Monday in Skagit County. I promised to post this after adding more color yesterday. (See yesterday's post for more.) I named it for the reason I stopped to sketch. Anyone who knows the location at Rosabella's Garden Bakery will see that I took out the very nice, but too-big-and-in-the-way sign. It was right in the middle of the poppy patch, blocking my view of the road going uphill into the distance.

I wish they had been open yesterday. Here are a few of the things for which they are famous:
(I really wanted a bouquet of those flowers....and at least a look at the 5 lb. apple pies)
  • Rosabella's famous 5-lb apple pies
  • Fresh apple cider donuts - watch them being made
  • Fabulous lunches and pastries from the Bakery
  • Experience hard cider and unique fruit wines
  • Vintage gift shop full of discriminating food & unique gifts
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables in season
  • Rosabella's specialty-cut flower bouquets
  • Great coffee and espresso

"Farm Fresh Eggs" ink sketch on location, Bow, WA
As you see (photo-right), I took a photo of my ink sketch (in the cool, air conditioned front seat of my car, sorry for bad exposure) and got a bit of color on before my sketching buddies arrived. You can see that stage of my sketch in this photo. (I'm the one in the white hat-my sketches are top and bottom left.)

Today the lighting has changed drastically, with lightning storms, possible rain and hot, muggy, overcast skies in the forecast for the next few days. Still, I just might have to go back and see what else I can use for the next page in my sketchbook. Did they say they were open on Thursdays?

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  1. Have just looked at your Rosabeller’s Poppy Patch, I think it is wonderful.