Monday, August 11, 2014


There's always something sketch-worthy in Skagit farm country, especially at the peak of the summer growing season. There are road side stands selling flowers this week, but they'll have home grown fresh vegetables and fruit to offer soon.

"Farm Fresh Eggs" ink sketch on location, Bow, WA
Although the Anacortes Sketchers were meeting for lunch at 12:30, I drove out a little early to see what the day would offer. I could have sketched the whole day and never made it to Edison, but I settled on doing a 15 minute ink sketch at Rosabella's Garden Bakery. Then I drove back to our lunch spot to wait for the others and added watercolor, parked in the shade. I need to let it dry before posting, so I'll add it into tomorrow's post.

Jane and Lisbeth sketching in a high traffic area of Edison. (Pop. 110)
With temperatures soaring into the high 90's elsewhere, the Anacortes sketchers lounged in the shade in Edison this afternoon. It was a refreshing 84°F, in the shade. My car made it to 100°F where it was parked on Cains Ct near "Hedgerow".

Some of the renowned restaurants were closed on Monday, but not the Breadfarm, where I bought a wonderful loaf of ciabatta bread, warm from the oven. (My husband and I enjoyed thick slices of it with brie, olives and cold prawns for dinner. Yumm!)

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