Saturday, March 4, 2017

March Momentcatchers and Multitasking

In my usual multitasking approach, I am combining two online drawing challenges today; Candace Rardon's Momentcatchers (a watercolor every first Saturday of the month) and "One week 100 people" a global challenge starting up on Monday. (I'll post more about the 100 people challenge here tomorrow)

I took a moment or two to set out a bunch of sketching supplies to see what I might use for the the upcoming week's drawing challenge. Bing! THAT'S what I'll draw and paint this weekend for my contribution to the Momentcatcher's  Challenge---the pile of sketching stuff I'm using! This will be my third post for the year on this challenge. I plan to add one a month on the first Saturday of each month.
See more about the Momentcatchers Project at

In another spate of multitasking, I took some photos at each stage of today's sketch.

1. Drawing with my Sharpie Stylo Fine tip black waterproof pen in my new Stillman & Birn Zeta Sketchbook.
I chose this sketchbook because its thick, smooth paper is particularly pen-friendly yet allows for wet media, should I have enough time to add watercolor washes.

 2. I wanted to try out both the smooth paper of the S&B Zeta and my new very pointed tip travel brush. It's a #6 round Voyage by Silver Black Velvet

So I mixed up a semi neutral grey with my DIY Altoids mini travel tin and washed in the shadows over the pen drawing.

What do you think? Does it make that much of a difference from the simple line sketch?
3. Finally, I added watercolor washes over the previous two stages and used Picasa to superimpose a little text list of my choice of supplies for the challenge. I do that sometimes to see what it would look like if I add narrative to my sketches. I think if I do decide to add text by hand, it will be slanted to fit the angle of the drawing of the sketchbook page. You can see what it looks like without the text added on my Flickr photostream here.

I hope this qualifies for my Momentcatchers entry. There IS watercolor in it. :)
Oh, and here's a shot of my work in progress.
PS. My cappuccino got cold. I got carried away yet again and that part of my multi-multi-multi tasking failed.


  1. So. . . those 20 people per day will be crowding onto your desk to get into the same sketch as your sketch gear. . . ?? Hmmm, I guess I'm missing the multi-tasking part of that, but that's OK! I'm just glad you're in on the one week/100 people! I am too! :-)

    - Tina

    1. LOL No, silly. I was sure you would have something to say about the fact that I am again drawing my cappuccino before drinking it. So, sorting my stuff + sketching it for #momentcatchers + trying to drink hot cappuccino (fail) equals multitasking. 😂

      This is going to be fun, seeing yours and Joan's and everybody's 100 people. So exciting!