Wednesday, March 8, 2017

20 People at the Outlet Mall on Wednesday

Here's 20 more people for the #oneweek100people2017 drawing challenge. That makes a total of 61 for the week so far.

I found a great spot at the window counter looking out onto the central square at the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall today. I had a tall bar stool to sit on, a long table for my stuff and a nice hot latte' to sip in the warm Starbucks coffee shop. Now that's what I call luxury sketching. I trust you can tell how cold it was out there by the hunched over posture and puffy jackets and gloves most people were wearing.
This store is usually packed with a line out the door, but the cold damp winter weather on a Wednesday made it difficult for all but the hardiest of shoppers to be out and about....and sketchers like me with a goal!

I enjoyed combining fine tip waterproof pens with brush pens loaded with water soluble ink, adding color with watercolor pencils and a waterbrush at the end. These seem the most appropriate for my new Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook with its smooth thick paper. What a fun challenge! I am constantly amazed at the variety of characters one encounters and it makes me wonder about their stories.


  1. Wonderful sketches, Michele! It's always fun to make up stories about them, isn't it? I do it while sketching, especially people in conversations at coffee shops! Ah, to be a fly on the table (though I'm fine with simply speculating, too).

    - Tina

    1. Thanks, Tina. I overheard some pretty interesting conversations this week, to be sure! I think this challenge would be good for authors. It's rich ground for cultivating characters and storylines. Quite entertaining!