Thursday, February 11, 2016

Update--Periscope Twig and Ink Demo, the New Trolley

So much fun, drawing with my twig and chatting with everyone! I guess I didn't Katch it properly, so this is going off air tomorrow afternoon. Unti then, you can see the replay and still leave hearts if you like it. 

Don't forget to ride free on the new First Hill trolley! Free rides end after Presidents' Day. Saturday will be a grand celebration along the route in the International District tied in with Lunar New Year.

NEWS FLASH! Yes! It did save on Here's the link for a replay that does 't expire.

Note: Periscope and Katch are mobile apps designed for smart phones and tablets. Viewing on your laptop or PC will still work but it will be cropped to look the way a phone would show it. Download the mobile app to get the best experience while viewing.

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