Monday, February 22, 2016

Get ready to make your own tiny Altoids pocket palette

For this week's 4:30 pm Thursday Periscope, I will show you how to make a tiny pocket palette for watercolor sketching. Having a small pallete like this makes it easy to stand while sketching. I use mine all the time when I meet with the Urban Sketchers.

I will use it live to do a quick sketch for you, too. See you Thursday afternoon!

So here's a shopping list in case you want to get ready ahead of time:
Make a mini pocket palette with---
  • a clean empty Altoids smalls tin (anybody want a mint?)
  • Sculpey oven bake Polymer clay
  • Wisp *disposable travel toothbrush
  • White plastic deli lid
  • self stick magnetic strips
  • Scissors

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