Thursday, February 4, 2016

Live watercolor on Periscope today

If my smart phone works like I want it to, I will broadcast a quick watercolor demo today, Thursday at around 4:30 pm. Wondering how to watch?
  1. Download the Periscope App on your tablet or smart phone
  2. Find me here on Periscope and follow me. (I think you can watch on your laptop or computer, too)
  3. When it says live, tap-tap-tap the screen to send hearts. Or say hello in the comment bar.
  4. If you miss it live, you have 24 hours to watch the replay. You can still tap to send hearts but you won't be able to comment. After 24 hours the broadcast will disappear.


  1. Missed the actual broadcast, but caught it here. Great way to do figures when you don't need a lot of detail.

    1. Thanks, Joan! I'm thinking about doing another Periscope next Thursday. Stay tuned! :)