Monday, February 8, 2016


Guess what!? The forecast says sunny and zero chance of rain for two days in a row! This creates an emergency situation in the garden.

I saw the red pitchfork handle from the studio doorway and had to capture it before my husband pulls it out of the ground and starts digging up his garden.
As I stalked my subject to get the right angle of light, I spotted some hazelnut shells dug up by the squirrels, a few little green threadlike sprouts and some fresh autumn leaf mulch in the empty pot. Red robins chirped from the trees in the swale and a low buzzing alerted me to the flight of a sleepy hummingbird in the willows. 
(You can see the the skylight on the roof of the studio and the mullioned windows in the doorway if you look all the way back across the garden.) 
FYI:  This pitchfork has been here since December. Shhhh!

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