Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simple 3 color watercolor mixing

Wet in wet live watercolor demo on color mixing via a simple triadic color wheel, then a carrot, then 6-stroke people, then a carrot person! Fun! See the replay by 4:30 pm Friday or on

I forgot to make a title so it's called "Untitled".  Heheh. 
  1. When it says live, tap-tap-tap the screen to send hearts. Or say hello in the comment bar.
  2. If you miss it live, you have 24 hours to watch the replay. You can still tap to send hearts but you won't be able to comment. After 24 hours the broadcast will disappear.
As time allows, I will upload selected Periscope videos to my YouTube Channel.
Note: If you are experiencing a black screen, but hear comments while watching on your PC or Samsung phone you are not alone. This is a common glitch sometimes associated with the latest Chrome update and/or video resolution. Please search YouTube or the internet help pages for a solution.


  1. Replies
    1. You're very welcome. And thank you for watching! :)

  2. Hi Michele, I just clicked on the link to see your demo...and I got to the broadcast..but the screen is black. I can hear your comments, but no picture. The time said it was 17 hours after the broadcast.

    1. Hi, Frances,
      So cool that you were ready to watch. You are experiencing a common glitch with Google Chrome, some other browsers and Samsung 4 smart phones. There is a fix at!topic/youtube/T6hNpETUu_U

      I haven't tried to use IE but that might work? Please let me know if you do come up with a solution. I can't see the screen with my Firefox browser either. So I use my tablet or iPhone. I have two Periscope videos on

  3. Didn't see this in time. The Katch Me doesn't work either. Just flashes. Using most current version of Firefox. I did go ahead and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

    1. Thanks for watching or at least trying to, Kate. See reply to Frances below. It's a common glitch if not using smart phone or tablet. Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel!