Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birchbark Textures

Original Watercolor on Paper

I grabbed my painting gear and drove around my favorite painting spots all day, looking for an autumn subject. I found dozens, but all inaccessible for any period of time.
I returned home and the light was perfect on the Himalayan White Birches by our mailbox. I was ready for some texture, mixed with the silvery autumn sun breaks.


  1. Hi Michele! Textures are a challenge for me...along with everything else...lol.
    I love have with minimal strokes you can capture it. The area surrounding the tree reminded me of E. Manet's dark backgrounds.
    Smiles, Cindy

  2. Thank you, Cindy, I appreciate your comments. The background took many applications and lots of sacrifice. If you want the color of the subject to be luminous, you can't have competition in the background.

    Oh, that Manet! He's always copying me! lol

  3. Hi! Just wanted to say I'm glad you understood my comment on "Birchbark Textures" regardless of my slackened brain. It should have read ...I love HOW...but somehow HAVE appeared there instead. Smiles, Cindy