Friday, November 9, 2007

Fragile Wings

Original Watercolor on Paper

My hydrangeas froze one night last week, and walking past them today, I thought of the flower fairies that were painted in the 1920's. The fragile flower petals reminded me of their wings.

They look a bit darker and greener on my monitor than in the actual painting. Some of the subtle blue-greens aren't registering as well as they could.


  1. Happy Friday Michele! I think your title is fitting for your painting. Hydrangea's do have that delicate appeal. I love the way their petals are both brillantly and softly colored. Thankyou for sharing your work!

    Smiles, Cindy

  2. Hi, Cindy,

    Thank you for your kind words about my painting. I'm glad you agree with the title, too. I still wish the color would come out as subtle as in the real artwork, but it may just be my monitor, too.

    Remember how I often say I have a "secret" in my work? Take a look at Fragile Wings again, go up the center of the vessel, through the flowers. Just at the top, there is a flower that looks like an arrow pointing up. It points to the base of the neck of a "fragile" figure, and her right wing extends diagonally up to the left. You can see the light through her white gown, a bent knee, and more if your imagination is free. She looks a little like "Winged Victory", which I saw at the Louvre in person. All this is totally unintentional and I only discovered it after posting the painting today.

    Do you see it, too?


  3. Hi Michele! I'm not sure if I see what you see. I see something that looks fairylike with a raw-sienna colored wing on the left edge of the flowers. Hydranges are one of my favorite flowers. I like the idea of having a "secret" in the paintings. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

    Smiles, Cindy