Friday, June 1, 2018

National Donut Day 2018

Chocolate, Vanilla Drizzle, Raspberry filling, Fried Dough=A Thing of Beauty
It's 3:00 pm and I just now am sitting down to sketch my subject for the morning. I've come to the conclusion that I will never outrun or out-post my friend, Tina. She was blissfully unaware that today is National Donut Day until I happened to mention it in passing. 5 minutes later she's at Top Pot eating a gigantic chocolate covered doughnut and texting the first bite for me to envy!
Mustard or Sriracha anyone?
It's one thing to find a sketchable subject, but quite another if you're going to eat it, too! My final sketching destination ended up being Haggens bakery. Should have known. They even had red, white and blue sprinkles on their National Donuts! On a rainy, drizzly day, there's nothing quite like having a seat at the window in Haggens' cozy dining area with all the counter space I want, free WIFI and donuts! (Excuse me, I can't sketch and chew at the same time)

Haggen's is on it! Plenty of donuts at 2:31pm
My first choice was Karl's in Everett. They are within walking distance from Funko World HQ and I thought I'd better call. Yep! Wiped out by 11am.
2pm - All that's left of the second batch of the day at the Dutch Bakery


  1. At last, the donuts! For some reason, this post didn't get into my blog reader feed until today (6/6)! I think next year we need to plan to be at the same donut place TOGETHER! Heck, who needs arteries? Let's turn it into 30 donuts x 30 days! Sketched and eaten, of course!

    - Tina

    1. I say! Capital idea! Since it worked out so well with the cinnamon roll at Top Pot that time, we should make a plan for next year. Don’t forget the loaded Bloody Marys at Lake Forest Park. We could probably start a whole thing about tea and scones as well! Wait, let me get my stretchy pants. 🤣🍩