Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The 30x30 Watercolor Challenge for June

Since 2007, the subtitle of my blog has been Daily Painting Practice to Grow as a Painter. The masthead artwork of my blog is from a 15x22” watercolor that I painted directly without preliminary drawing. As you can see, from the beginning I have included many of my watercolors that were “direct paintings”.
I’ve been painting a majority of my watercolors  directly without preliminary drawing.for years. When it comes to architecture or portraits I generally depend on a light pencil drawing or even a sketch in pen for line and wash.
All this took place before I ever became aware of the urban sketching international group or any of the pivotal people involved. Fast forward to the present and I am pleased to be a blog correspondent for Seattle USK and a faculty member for the Urban Sketchers 10x10 Workshop Program. In fact, I just finished my Spring Workshop, First Steps into Visual Journaling.
Imagine my excitement when Marc Taro Holmes announced a new online watercolor challenge and Facebook group just for this event!
Naturally, I’m in! Are you?


  1. I always knew you were ahead of your time! ;-) Can't wait to see your 30!

    - Tina

    1. 😏 You know, just when you think you’ve invented something, you find out someone else already did. . . ages before! Are you in? If so, I look forward to seeing yours, too.