Friday, June 22, 2018

Arrival for a three day workshop on Nature Journaling in the NorthCascades

I'm looking forward to meeting my students for a weekend of sketching in the North Cascades.
The bridge across Diablo Dam
During the workshop, my focus will be on my students. When I have time I will draft a few articles, but I'll be posting these after we return.
The back of our classroom as seen from the surrounding path

The beautiful bronze eagles that overlook the amphitheater.
Part of the discovery at North Cascades Environmental Learning Center is the sighting of beautiful wildlife bronzes throughout the property.


  1. Thank you Michele! Enjoyed this armchair trip to the North Cascades with you.

    1. You’re welcome, Barb. I am working on a Flickr album with more photos. It will go public soon. I have fond memories of our wonderful weekend at Dumas Bay. There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with a sketchbook and friends.