Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Day Four and Five of 30x30 Direct Watercolor


I'm still frantically trying to keep up with the roses and the challenge of one direct waterccolor painting a day at the same time. I want to do several different sketches before they have to be pruned. There won't be another bloom until late August.
Just a few steps out the door from my studio.
I still need to post my Day Two sketch of the roses arched over my studio window. It's on different paper and not in this sketchbook.
After cutting a bouquet of Siberian Iris, Mock Orange and Ceanothus, I brought my sketch in to dry.
I left some room, albeit to the left of my sketch today, for tomorrow. I doubt I will have time to post these until then. (What can I say? Time is not really linear for me.) It's hard to keep up with the FaceBook group, Instagram and other social media during a marathon of sketching and painting.

Bees and Ceanothus (California Lilac)
See my post on the official 30x30 Direct Watercolor Facebook Group page for some compositional notes on why I arranged this sketch the way I did. #30x30DirectWatercolor2018
I think I saw at least 4 different types of  bees all over this ceanothus bush.

I posted the above photos plus a short little video of happy bees on my Instagram feed.
And here's what they look like together in my sketchbook.
Day 4 on the right and Day 5 on the left. :-)

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