Sunday, July 16, 2017

Family afternoon at Pike Place Market

We have out of town family here for an extended visit so when they asked if we wanted to go to Pike Place Market this afternoon, we agreed. We hadn't yet had an opportunity to see the new MarketFront in person. We parked on the north end of the market. As we walked down the street towards the market, I had to get a shot of this!
A passerby stood for a long time at the front end of the car looking at the false eyelashes on the headlights and reading something."Excessories" was spelled out in a mosaic of beads on the rear passenger door.  Compared to the handbags, rows of sunglasses, boots, beads, and shoes plastered all over the car I was struck by the little Smart car in all its minimal simplicity nearby. 
I guess the leash law includes tourist pigs who come to see "Billie the Piggybank" as she sits in a new spot at the Market Front. A large group of Seattle urban sketchers were just around the corner, participants in a workshop with Kia Keane and Melanie Reim. See #uskseattle for photos of the event.
The new terrace gives us a great view and the afternoon sun casts a glow on our son and his family.
What would a trip to the market be without sensory input from the flower stalls? 
Easy traffic on Old Hwy 99 got us here in time to watch the sunset at Gardner Bay.
I love this spot for viewing the sunset. I am amazed at how many beautiful paintings there are in a single sunset. There's a new one about every 20 minutes. I'm counting this for Day 12 of World Watercolor Month-Golden Evenings. 


  1. Nice surprise to see you, Michele!

    - Tina

    1. Likewise, Tina. My mind was on a different track, so when I looked up and saw you and Gail sketching with KK I had to come and say hello. I stumbled upon Kate and Jane on the other stairway a bit later. I really enjoyed reading your post on KK's class and look forward to what you have to say about your experience with Melanie. She walked past inside the market as we were going in.