Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Views

Here's a fresh watercolor for Day 11, Summer Views, for the World Watercolor Month challenge.

I feel incredibly fortunate that my husband and I can take a day off and spend it meandering around some of our favorite places. This is the summer view at Bay View State Park, where the tide is exceptionally low right now. The little weather beaten float has its own pedestal of mud and seaweed for a view all the way across the Bay. There's a brisk breeze but the air isn't too cold with a windbreaker on....and it smells so fresh! 7-10-17

I decided to try out my new 6x12 handbook Field Watercolor Journal. It was a generous gift from a student in my spring classes. Skies wet in wet and drybrush techniques are a bit tricky with this paper but watercolor pigment lifts beautifully for highlights.

We are not too far from the Breazeale Interpetive Center, where an art auction will feature one of my watercolors. Proceeds benefit the Padilla Bay

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