Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wild and Free

I skewed the first day's prompt a bit for World Watercolor Month to fit my little watercolor and graphite sketch from my North Cascades sketchbook.
As an artist, I've always enjoyed looking for the person behind the brush. You can see pencil marks in the watercolors of my heroes, John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer. For me, it's an added bonus.

I trust you will get something extra from this intimate little sketch, pencil marks, over washes and all.


  1. Great to see all your recent posts, Michele! Nice watercolors of the deer. I am going to try to participate too, but doubt that I will be using the prompts. I like having free reign. lol

  2. Thanks, Joan. I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing the deer all over my social media but every time I post a photo I see something that needs tweaking. I must stop! It's just a sketch after all. Lol

    Good! We'll be watercolor buddies for July then. I follow the prompts until I see something that I want to do instead. Yay for free reign!