Friday, January 29, 2016

Sketching these might literally end up in a "Crawl"

I am still shaking my head at those meals loaded on top of Bloody Marys that we saw at Lake Forest Bar & Grill. While participating in the World Wide Sketch Crawl on Saturday, I glanced over at an adjacent table and saw this! (My SD card went wacky, so more great photos are missing) But, really! Can this even be called a garnish?!

Turns out that there is a similar thing on Queen Ann at a bar called Sport.

Queen Anne
Every Sunday (at least during football season), this Seattle
Center-adjacent sports bar opens up a build-your-own
Bloody Bar stocked with 70 different ingredients designed
for AM alcohol consumption, including 32 different hot sauces. 
I still think we stumbled upon the ultimate, though. Well, except
for a place in Milwaukee that has one
loaded with a whole fried chicken!
What kind of phenomenon IS this, anyway!
What's next? A whole suckling pig or a side of beef?
Here's a surprising list of Seattle places, including a petition for the day after Super Bowl to be National Hangover Day! Ha!
Now wouldn't THAT be an idea for a sketch crawl! Literally! (Tina thought of it first) I like it! There is a way to avoid actually crawling your way home: Nobody says you have to put alcohol in your drink. You can still pile an unseemly load of high sodium fried snacks on top of it and then sketch and munch, sketch and munch.

Poor, Liz Steel. I can just imagine her cringing about this as she tightens her grip on one of her tastefully elegant teacups and reaches for another cucumber sandwich.


  1. When I first saw the guy with the slider on his Mary, I thought it was a donut. So how about this one: a triple venti latte with a donut, a scone and a croissant skewered onto it? That, I could do. I'd still stagger home, but I could do it. The bacon and onion ring mobile? Not so much.


    1. LOL You're on! If I can stop laughing long enough I think I might go for hat challenge!

  2. I'm sorry...but those don't look tempting at all. lol Do you eat it or drink it???

    1. Hahaha! I know! We Americans are sometimes just WAY over the top.