Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Plein Air at Waimanalo

Are all beaches the same? Although a few things were different, like the 77 degree weather, the surfers, the ironwood trees and the soft, deep, caramel colored sand; the beach in Waimanalo reminded me a bit of home in the Pacific NW. People walked along the shore, passing the impromptu structures hand built on beaches the world over. I sketched a similar one of these structures at home recently for my Inktober series. Most familiar, however, was the wonderful experience of spending the morning painting with some local friends.
"Captain Howie" performs a beach wedding. Website
I interrupted my initial sketch to follow a wedding couple down the beach and to sketch them at a distance as they conferred with a local officiant known as Capt. Howie. See my last photo below to view his home, known locally as "the Hobbit House". Another couple were having their wedding photos taken on the other end of the beach. See photo collage below.
After a morning of painting and sketching, watercolorists and oil painters shared a delicious lunch in perfect compatibility. Great conversation, hospitality and a serenade on the ukulele rounded out the day. Many thanks for everything, Adrienne and Lawrence. It was lovely. 
Happy painters after a morning on the beach and delicious lunch with our hosts, Adrienne and Lawrence. Photo: (left to right) Me, Adrienne, Mark Brown, John Dixon and (in front) Spencer Chang.
See a brief news clip about the "Hobbit House". http://youtu.be/sUQqLPPEmgs
We walked past it on our way to go painting at the beach.


  1. Great beach sketches! I love the one of the wedding on the beach. That house is fantastic! What a treasure!! How great that you had other artists to work with today.

    1. Thank you so much, Joan. The great thing about sketching with local friends while on vacation is that you are inspired by the unfamiliar location. Then a wedding happens! It was a great day!