Thursday, January 7, 2016

Foster Botanical Garden Reunion

Sketching in the oldest botanical garden in Hawaii
It was so nice to reunite with painting and sketching friends at Foster Botanical Gardens this morning. After missing a season or two during our regular annual family visits here, I was able to take an hour or so to sketch at the gardens and catch up on the news with old friends and meet a few new ones. (Photo: top left, Barbara and I had our own personal benches near the butterfly garden-top right, flowers near the restrooms-lower photo, the Japanese Memorial, sketched using my DIY mini Altoids Kit).

I stood in the shade of the Foster Gardens office building to sketch the Hiroshima Memorial with the butterfly garden behind me and a glimpse of the city of Honolulu above the trees. I got a quick drawing of the pink flowers near the restrooms before I left. The petroglyph of green sea turtles, known in Hawaii as honu, is said to symbolize good luck, endurance and long life. It is often used to represent family.


  1. You seem to have sketched a bit of everything that the gardens have to offer.

    1. The Foster Garden, tucked into a small section of downtown Honolulu, has an amazing array of trees in their collection as well. :)